Finding The Time

In these fast pace times, it has become very difficult to spend time with family. There is so much going on. The importance of spending time with family has become second tier to work, the social beat, and all sorts of activities. I have learned, from my past mistakes with my children, the importance of spending time with children, and especially your spouse. Make the time, any way you can my brethren. God tells us to train our children in the way they should go, not the way they want to go. This is done mostly by example. Fathers, our children are watching us and they will do what they see us do. The bible tells us to love our wives, and again, our children are watching. The example is time well spent. Creating the time whenever we can. Take time out with your spouse. Let us bring back family night. I often have movie night at home with snacks with just my family. My wife, Elicia, and I often spend quiet time together as well as romantic evenings. We do this even after a long day’s work. Find the time my brethren. Remember, the bible says to redeem the time for the days are evil. If you don’t find the time, someone else will and that may not be a pleasant experience for them or you. I have a little clip that shows some of what I mean. (SPREAD THE LOVE!)-ljzN958ghE


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